The Segezha pulp and paper mill modernization project was officially launched in July. The Segezha West project involves increasing the mill’s production capacity to 850,000 tonnes per year and expanding its product range. In addition to sack paper, bleached paper and bleached hardwood and softwood pulp will also be manufactured in the future. The investment amounts to 55 billion rubles (about € 750 million*).

In June, the Segezha Group and the Chinese company CAMC Engineering Co Ltd (CAMCE) signed an agreement defining the terms of implementation of the Siberian pulp mill project. A million-tonne pulp mill is to be built in Lesosibirsk, in Krasnoyarsk district. The planned investment is approximately RUB 100 billion (€ 1.4 billion*). CAMCE is expected to bring funding and engineering expertise to the project. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2021.

Source: Segezha Group  news1, news2

* 1 € = 73 RUB