The average producer price* of softwood logs in Northwest Russia was EUR 38 per cubic meter in May-July 2019. The price of hardwood logs was 44 euros, hardwood rotary-cut veneer logs 47 euros, softwood pulp 23 euros and hardwood pulp 21 euros. The price of hardwood pulpwood for export markets was 23 euros.

Producer prices for roundwood in Northwest Russia:

There is no comprehensive statistical data available on market prices for roundwood in Northwest Russia. For example, in June-July 2019, wood was sold through the Stock Exchange St. Petersburg in the Arkhangelsk region at the following prices:
– spruce log 3100 RUB / m³ (43 EUR / m³) delivered to the buyer
– complete tree pine, spruce, birch 540 RUB / m³ (8 EUR / m³) in the forest

 Statistics sources: Rosstat, Stock exchange St.Petersburg

Sari Karvinen, Luke

 * The producer price reflects the costs of wood production to the harvesting company and is reported to the statistical authorities on the basis of the company’s accounting records. By definition, it is the average price (without bark) of timber sold on the domestic or export market, exclusive of VAT or transport costs. Statistics are collected from all large logging companies and SMEs on a sample basis. There are about 40 companies reporting roundwood producer prices in Northwest Russia.