The exceptionally warm winter has caused difficulties for logging companies in Russia. The lack of ice roads and the poor condition of forest roads have caused problems in wood transportation.

In the Arkhangelsk region, for example, less than one-third of the planned ice road connections have been opened. Companies have asked the authorities to postpone forest use fees to overcome the difficulties. In addition, assistance has been requested for solving transport problems related to restrictions on the use of regional roads.

The situation is also difficult in Karelia and Vologda region. Companies have appealed to federal decision-makers to ease restrictions on the placement of harvesting sites*. In addition, compensation for road construction costs has been proposed. State support is already available for the costs of temporary timber storage.

The warm winter predicts an increase in wood price as the amount of wood available on the market decreases and the wood stocks of industrial plants are declining. Valery Pisarev, director of Tserepovetsles, estimates that wood price could rise by 15-20 percent by summer.

Source: Lesnaja Industrija 3/2020 №3 (143)


* Clearcutting of adjacent forest stands is not allowed for consecutive years, for example for coniferous forest stands the interval is at least 6 years.