ULK is planning to build a large sawmill in Arkhangelsk region in Karpogory village (picture).

The Pinega Forest Industry Complex (Pinezhski LPK) is scheduled for completion in 2023 and would have annual production capacity of one million cubic meters of sawnwood. In addition, 600,000 tons of pellet production is planned. The decision to build the sawmill was made in 2019. Preparations for the site are currently underway and agreements have been made with the key equipment suppliers.

ULK Group includes two sawmills in Arkhangelsk region and one in Novgorod region. Last year, 1.1 million cubic meters of sawnwood were produced. The felling potential of company’s leased forests in Arkhangelsk region is four million cubic meters. In 2019, wood harvesting accounted 2.4 million cubic meters.

Sources: ULK, Lesnoi Region, Russian Forest Industry Review 2019-2020, WhatWood